The #SMSports Social Media Platform to Watch in 2018

Did any platform have a more interesting 2017 than Twitter?

The highlights (the moments feature became more intuitive, threads have continued to gain mainstream popularity, and 140 character tweet limits changing to 280 spurred more engagement according to the company) teetered with the lowlights (Twitter lost its NFL rights to Amazon, withstood some PR controversy, lost a few key employees, and most notably plateaued its user base at 330 million monthly active users compared to Facebook’s two billion).

One aspect seems to keep the platform fixed: Sports. The Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) continue to rule follower kingdom with over 7.2 million followers — much, much more than the average regional game draws in TV audience.

Much like newspaper subscriptions and cable TV, sports are a reason for the casual user to keep coming back to Twitter. Commentary, engagement, stats, info, and more make it a great way for teams to connect with their fans (and it’s the only platform we have for this blog!)

But if Twitter’s struggles continue in 2018, will teams make it less of a priority?

Twitter promises to embrace more video, a trend we seem to be seeing in social — Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook will be mostly video-based as soon as this year. How will teams prioritize video content in 2018?

Here’s one idea:

Here’s some more video content that I love.

Teams love to make these sharp videos to introduce their new uniforms. I love the Hornets’:


Motion graphic… video… Twitter’s algorithm can’t tell the difference, right? Regardless, this NBA graphic made me stop on my feed:


Great stuff here from Pitt. I love creative content like this:


Easily one of the best “longform” videos I saw in 2017:


And everyone knows this video stole the show:


I am excited to see how Twitter will take on 2018! #

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