What Makes Digital Content Great

A famous sports writer once said “A good sports column is like a good movie. You have to introduce them to a person they like, set that person’s house on fire, and get them out.”

Creating digital content is sort of like making a movie but on a different scale.

Good content takes creativity, planning, and a solid crew of people with different specialties. There’s pre-production, editing, and post-production. Sometimes there’s a script. There are hits that are talked about for years, flops that are bashed by internet trolls in their parents’ basements, and “must see” content as well.

Most similarly, digital is captivating. Good content makes the audience forget where they are for a second.

Not sure if you knew, but the Oscars were last weekend.

#SMSports has some of the most talented, creative people in the game. If social had an award show, here’s how it would play out:

Best Adapted Screenplay Branding

Man, I looove what the @MiamiHEAT have done with the whole Miami Vice schtick. Very fluid and transcending. A gimmick that just makes sense.

Best Original Screenplay Branding

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.24.58 PM.png

Simple won 2017. What the @rams do is so subtle, yet so distinct. I find their coloring to be captivating and I’m constantly checking to see what they’re doing next. My philosophy is that digital can be aesthetic, informative, fun, or some combination of the three. The @rams nail the aesthetic like none other.

Best Score Voice

Accepting this award will be Dan Marrazza, the voice behind the @GoldenKnights account. Of course, this shouldn’t be out of his element since he actually won an Emmy in real life. The above tweets were, like, hours apart. Marrazza’s consistency is insanely impressive. What Vegas is doing on Twitter has completely changed the game. They don’t just raise the bar, pal, they are the bar.

Best Cinematography

Ohio State football’s video game is second to none. They consistently come out with great, original content like the above examples. These particular videos would be top notch for any program, but is really just run of the mill offseason content for the Buckeyes. That’s why they’re the top dogs.

Best Picture



Bleacher Report was once a cesspool of 22-year-olds just out of college who were desperate for an outlet (… uhhh). It sort of followed the Buzzfeed character arch and rose to greatness as a actual reputable site over the years. Their game plan? Quality > quantity. Classic. They also took that same approach with digital. BR is now the most prepared organization when it comes to graphical content – I’d love to see all of the quality content they made ahead of time, but weren’t able post. Jesus Christ did I really just type that. I need to go get a life. #

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