It was the instant gratification that hooked me.

At one point in my life my dream was to be a sports writer. I loved the freedom and creativity that came along with writing. After graduating from school, I lived my dream… for six months.

Just like social media, the world changes. I worked for three colleges athletic departments and fell for digital. I found that I could still combine my love for sports and the freedom and creativity of content creation, but a 280 character limit is much less daunting than a blank Word document. 15 likes is more enjoyable than bitter hate mail. A follow back from Mark Cuban is more fun to brag about than a five graph column on the third page.

So now I find myself taking the lead on digital content for a Division I university. I have so many ideas and visions that I can’t wait to pursue.

Follow me as I live my life, hashtag to hashtag. #